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Obama Girl 2012

Was Obama Girl 2012 the Key to Obama’s Reelection Victory?

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Obama Girl 2008 versus Obama Girl 2012

Thanks to Obama Girl, the RINO Rerun of 2008 was a success.

In 2008, the viral video, ‘I Got A Crush on Obama’ made Obama hip with younger voters and raised awareness of Obama’s Hope of Change in the pop culture. The video was posted to Youtube on June 13, 2007 and featured Actress/Model Amber Lee Ettinger seductively singing of her love for Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Actress/Model Amber Lee Ettinger became an instant internet and Political celebrity as Obama Girl after her first Barely Political video, “I Got a Crush on Obama” went viral online(1).

I Got A Crush on Obama

Ironically, Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger, who lip-synched the song, has no Rush for another Crush on Obama in 2012. Yet, Obama Girl Leah Kauffman, who wrote the ‘I Got A Crush on Obama’ song, wrote and sang “Still Got a Crush on Obama.” Her video received 80,000+ views in three days after it was posted on Sep 3, 2012.

Obama Boy came out with his Rainbow-Colored Presidential Crush on Obama on Jun 10, 2012 after Obama evolved out of the closet and announced his support of same sex marriage on May 9, 2012.

Obama Boy – I Have A Crush On Obama

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Miss Moneypenny

Was Obama Girl 2012 the Key to ‘s Reelection Victory?

8:36 PM Nov 8, 2012

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(1) ‘I Got A Crush on Obama’ video received 420,000 hits in two days after Barely Political posted the video to Youtube on June 13, 2007. Two months later, three million views of the video was recorded.

Amber Lee Ettinger disappeared after her meteoric rise from obscurity to fame faded. She briefly surfaced again in another Obama tune when Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger costarred with Alphacat Iman Crosson in Glease, a Grease parody musical clip posted to Youtube on Feb 14, 2012. With 220,000 views to date, Amber has lost her Internet popularity after losing her affection for President Obama.


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Obama Girl 2012 is Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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