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Miss Moneypenny’s Bedtime Beauty Secrets

The keys to Miss Moneypenny’s Bedtime Beauty Secrets…

Loading Masked Boobs
Step 1: Scrub Oil of Olday Skin Serum into your skin with the plastic applicator
Step 2: Slip into the Latex Beauty Mask
Step 3: Soak overnight and wake up refreshed to scare your lover(2).

By using Miss Moneypenny’s Bedtime Beauty Secrets, you’ll look like Nurse Amanda Hugankiss before you know it…

Loading Beast Of Beauty
Photo Credit: Disclaimer
The Beast of Beauty was created by Dr. Eric A. Shoals who was helping Nurse Amanda Hugankiss restore her beaver in his “Bride of Frankenstein” Laboratory.

Somewhere in Time, Nurse Moneypenny will travel back in time to erase the Source Code of Doctor Shoal’s crime and reverse the diabolical aging effects of Dr. Eric A. Shoals in the Spy who Shagged Me before the Twelve Monkeys recognize their Phepping mother . <— Click the links for related humor.

Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dion

For Music Monday, ‪Georgy Girl‬ by The Seekers


(1) Bianca Beauchamp in a rubber catsuit and ripped pink fishnet dress for her Ripped Photo shoot at

Bianca Beauchamp is well known for her fetish and erotic latex modeling.

Fair Use Notice: This post may contain copyrighted material. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, Photos of Bianca Beauchamp was modified and/or used for the Fair Use of comical commentary. Such material is made available for comical commentary and/or educational purposes only. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

(2) Warning:
Contents of this Post are under Oil pressure. Use only as directed and avoid prolonged exposure to this Post. Rubber-maid Catsuit not included but Octocrylene stabilizers are. Side effects of reading this Post are occasional laughter. If the condition persists, consult Doctor Shoal. No fur-baring Beavers were harmed during the creation of this Post. This Post may contain Bananas, but we doubt it.

This Post is meant for comical purposes only. This disclaimer does not cover misuse, accident, neglect, damage, and facial eruption from the improper reading of my satire. Miss Moneypenny shall be under no liability whatsoever resulting from any use of this post.

(3) Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this post of Satire are fictitious. Any resemblance to the Bride of Wildenstein aka Jocelyn Wildenstein is purely coincidental.

Hat tip to entertainment blog for the Photo.

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