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Bionic Breast-powered Bra

A Kinetic Bra has been designed by Dr. Eric Shoals to capture the kinetic energy of Bouncing Boobs…

Dr. Eric Shoals really racked his brain to determine that Boob Bounce momentum increases as the breast mass increases, a fact that every nursing mother or 36F (fake) busted woman already knows.

Although the video is for comical advertising, Oregon State University adjunct professor LaJean Lawson has been researching breast motion for 24 years. Her measurements reveal a low-support D-cup Bra can bounce 35 inches up and 35 inches down during exercise. That is a lot of bounce to the ounce which could power a iPod during your exercise workout.

Georgia Tech Professor Zhong L. Wang believes a sports bra can be made of a elastic material layered with a special nano-wire fabric which will allow increased motion and produce about 80 milliwatts of power to operate a cell phone.

What’s next? A hands free Cell Phone Bra…

Loading Bra Phone

Image Source: fishki


Image Source: Rob Donnelly

Since last year, Professor Wang has been developing a Piezoelectric Zinc Oxide Nanowire fabric using nano-wires that are about 1/1,000th the width of a human hair. The nano-wires capture the energy from motion by rubbing up against one another and converting the mechanical energy into a electrical charge.

The Bra patterns call for about a meter of nano-wire fabric which produces about 80 milliwatts of power. The fabric can also be layered to double or triple the amount of electrical energy. Perhaps, Dr. Eric Shoals and Professor Wang can develop the technology to harness the untapped power of the friction created by Dick the Plumber? biggrin_25525

Note: Victoria’s Circuit written by Adrienne So also provided some of the technical information for my comical B.R.A. (Breast Research Action) post for Titillating Tuesday.

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