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008 Undercover

In the 007 Spirit of Secret Humor Blogs, Miss Moneypenny CPU is the code name for the Top Secret Comical Posts Undercover (CPU).


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  • Loading Obama Wins no matter how the voters Roll the Obama Dice
  • Loading NewtRack Obama, the Progressive Newtron Bomb'
  • Loading Welcome to Obamatopia: Free Government Cheese if you Vote for Me
  • Loading Banking on your Vote to become President in 2012
  • Loading National Affirmation & Submission to Allah 11911
  • Loading Emperor Barack Bonaparte is Racing to destroy the Constitution
  • Loading Will Eric Holder make a Fast and Furious Deal?
  • Loading Dr. Evil Soros and Mini-me Obama
  • Loading Conservatives For RINOsaurus Newt Gingrich
Miss Moneypenny CPU is ©2008-2012 by Debbie Dolphin. All Rights Reserved.

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