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President ‘Heinz’ Obama is Dancing to the White House

President “Heinz” Obama of his 57 States dancing with his star
Loading Dancing with President Heinz Obama

Photoshop credit: unknown Photoshopper

Apparently, 66 million Americans believe a inexperienced man, who wants to disarm America, will be a better leader than a inexperienced woman who can “see” Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rear “his head and come into the airspace of the United States of America.”

Political Comedy Never tasted so good…


This photo is the actual cereal box produced by Kellogg’s, not a Photoshop production. Apparently, it may have been a inside joke to honor Flake One and Flake Two‘s visit to Battle Creek, Michigan. Will the Odd Couple come to regret their Frosted Flakes image?

The World will be watching MAD’s Political Virgin…

Image source: MAD Images courtesy of D.C. Comics, via MAD’s Obama and McCain, the movies

This post is dedicated to my friend, Bobby who inspired me to post again.

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