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Donut War: Bombs Strike Dolphin Island

Robert’s temporary truce was a diversion for his secret Californian Forces, called the Wendster’s B.R.A. Brigade, to launch another Donut strike around the globe! My B.R.A. Angels were lulled into a false sense of peaceful security and were sleeping at their post when Debbie Dolphin was hit by incoming donuts:

B.R.A. = Battle Ready Air-Force

Our new grandson wisely dropped his anchor in Dolphin Island Harbor just before the outbreak of the Californian Confectionery Conflict!

Kyle Matthew, Grandchild number 9
May 15, 2008 @ 6:47 pm
8 pounds, 14 ounces

Meanwhile back in Canada, Robert is training a elite Rubber Chicken Commando Force who are preparing for offensive maneuvers at the CAB (Canadian American Border).

For more reports about this Covert Confectionery Comical Conflict, click on the links in this post!

Thank the good Lord, the Squirrel nuts (acorns) had a short range and missed their targets!

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