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Democratic Haunted Houses

The Nightmare on Wall Street began in 1999 when Slick Willie Clinton made changes to the Community Reinvestment Act. For a comical summary about who created the mortgage mess, please Click HERE to view Saturday Night Live’s skit on the Democratic cover up that NBC pulled off the Internet because it embarrassed exposed the Democrats.

Loading Barack Shit Stinks

Caption by Miss Moneypenny
Original image by Jim Bourg, Reuters

For a objective and insightful political analysis of Election Indecision 2008, please visit Obama & McCain: Big Brother’s Candidates and John Stossel on ‘Rinkonomics’: Forget Leaders, You Should Be in Charge Video

Joe Biden’s Campaign Trail

Will You be Disconnected by Obama’s Changes?

To find out, please take the Obama Test to see if he represents your views.

Before voting your life away, please take the test and see if you truly agree with Obama.

Thanks to my Blogging Buddy, Bobby Revell, the Obama Test Link is via his post, “On The Verge of Homelessness in America” which covers some of the concerns of the current financial crisis while Obama was busy elsewhere in DC.

Vote SMART Public Service Announcement
Before voting, please check the records of the Candidates at Vote Smart for Indecision 2008… It is the only one defense against unethical campaigners who spin information to deceive voters.

The following question by a concerned citizen is not a sponsored or paid campaign Ad:

For a real refreshing change, what would happen if every American voted on the principle of restoring American Liberty by voting for Chuck Baldwin, a independent candidate, for President to see if he will represent us and restore American Liberty in government.

Obama Tricks Taxpayers for Welfare State Treats

Cartoonist Credit: William Warren, Warren Toons 10/23/08

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Democratic Haunted Houses is Vote Smart Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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