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New Years Wordless Everything

Speedy Beaver-Chickencat is Chicken Dancing in the New Year …


Image Source: A Miss Moneypenny Photoshop Production

leapsecondNote: Thanks to official timekeepers at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, 2008 will be prolonged a extra second to keep atomic time (the accurate Coordinated Universal Time [UTC]) aligned with astronomical time. Revelers will have a leap second at the end of 2008 to watch the clock turn to 23:59:60.

The accuracy of UTC is essential for the smooth operation of Global Positioning Satellites which are used to digitally transmit images and text over the Internet. This is good news for Midnight Revelers who will have a extra second to enjoy this Wordless Creature.

To celebrate 2009, Speedy is Chicken Dancing in Hollydale…

Good Wishes for a Happy New Year

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