Boris Cowloff’s Under-The-Cover Meeting

The first mission of James “Speedy” Bondcat 0007…

Accepting the secret payoff for the Eat More Chicken Campaign Conspiracy…
in the line of duty for the Queen of Memes!

To this day with every blast of Royal Trumpets,
James 0007 faithfully serves his Royal Meme Mermaid Queen
a Spot of tea and some Royal Crumpets
mixed in her old oaken bucket of KFC with one Boston Baked Bean!

This Post is Debbie Dolphin’s secret duty to the Meme March Madness of Speedy Bondcat 0007.

The following Thespians are tagged to play in this Meme Melodrama:

Thanks to the Royal Chicken Decree declared by the Queen of Memes, Angus Bovines and Texas Longhorns everywhere are Moo-ful after a good nights sleep…

Looking for my Meme Rules??? There are no rules for this Slinky Linky March Meme Madness… make up a Magical Meme-alicious post and tag whoever you please!

Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Dutchman Flying!

    Good to hear from you, my friend!

    I hope you are doing well under the covers in removing the ‘A’ in Real Life!

  2. Dutchman Flying in NoDirectOn (as well as in NoDirection) calling in, reporting not to be MIA, but LIA.

    Am still poodling arond in a Bloggers Block, coinciding with a lot of ‘A’ in Real Life, concerning both the Work- and the Love-Of-My-Life-part of my life).

    I am expecting to be under the cover for some more 😉

  3. Oh dear. I should really weigh in on this.

  4. Phew!!! That’s a relief! 🙂

  5. Hi Olga the Traveling Bra,

    While in London, please stop by HMSS Headquarters and say Hi to Speedy Bondcat 0007! 😉

    Tagged, bagged & retagged by Miss Maytag? 😉

    No Maytag Ringers and Maytag Dryers are located here! 🙂 Every Meme tag assignment posted here is voluntary!

  6. OK…I see I have been tagged, bagged & retagged!!! I am a very baaad bra’wd for not responding….please don’t put me in the dryer!!! I WILL do these as soon as I can! I am in London right now…..don’t ya feel sorry for me???? 😉

  7. Hi Agent Laketrees,

    Speedycat is a comic genius!

    I deeply appreciate your concerns, my friend.

    For the moment, I seem to have lost my comedy compass direction. Hopefully, my humor inspiration will return when I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    There are a few drafts on both blogs that need some finishing touches before posting. Hopefully, this will provide the time to recover from another unwarranted attack.

  8. hehehe…I just got the beer …serious drink LOL…
    Now Miss MP ….re: more serious issues……
    please don’t consider that spring break…..
    I’m bewildered by this attack too…..
    I think you have a marvellous sense of humour….and I think that person needs to make his own pity party somewhere else :0

  9. Hi Meme Inspector DrowseyMonkey!

    Where did you hide your meme mystery tag? 😉

    OMG… its late at night or early morning and I forgot to refresh my Royal Secret Service (RSS) feed reader… I see your tag and raise you two tags! 😉

    Your tag looks like a fun tag to do for the weekend!

  10. Okay…your tags confuse me, LOL … so now I’m tagging you! ha!

  11. Hi Agent Laketress,

    Well done! My ESP tells me you may enjoy creating a comedy blog called the “Pink Sheila Undercover!” 🙂

    I love your Meme Monopoly game idea! LMAO… with party poopers in jail 🙂

    Hopefully, the chickens and cows will not eat the Meme Mystery Manual 😉

  12. Hi SpeedyCat,

    I fully agree with you, Blogging is a fun hobby or it was until some Bloggers continually attack other Bloggers with threats, false accusations, etc.

    I am still very bewildered by Mr. Bud Weiser’s attack on my character and my credibility and ending his charade by calling it a request.

    I am fairly certain that we (at least me) cannot count the number of times we have been linked to by other Bloggers in the content of their post for humorous fun without being tagged for a meme, and we know that we were not involved in writing the post.

    At the moment, there are a couple of humor posts in the draft stage but, after those posts I may need a spring break to determine whether this is a hobby I wish to continue.

  13. Hi SpeedyCat and Agent Laketress,

    Comment Control Tower: we have a humorous crackup on the Central Comment Artery! 🙂

    Miss MP is stuck at a red light… need a get of jail card for a green light to pass go! 😉

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