Senator Speedy’s Nekkid Top Guns

Loading Speedy Nakkidcat
Miss Moneypenny’s Bra was unavailable for this nekkid photo shoot!

From Left to Right, we have Bobby the Revellian who has provided secret campaign contributions, Los Lobos whose sharks patrol the political seas, Senator Speedy our next President, Olga of the supporting 38 Secret Service, Robert the alien copilot of Airforce One, and Dr. Philcat who keeps mumbling, Get Real!

Senator Speedy needs your support! Please make your vote count, it’s easy as ABC (Anyone But Clinton) when you click the banner to vote!

Loading Rainbow of Reality

For a real change in the White House, please support Senator Speedy’s campaign by posting a campaign button on your blog! Click the campaign button to visit Campaign Headquarters to select a different button size.

Disclaimer: Due to Campaign Censorship, X-ray vision is needed to view the nekkid packages behind the Campaign poster!

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Bobby,

    Dr. Philcat and the nekkid picture can’t be that extremely disturbing to Bobby Blogger who lives in the Dead Zone! 😉

    With your “piece” plan, you “wood” be a Top Gun in any Presidential administration! 😀

  2. That is an extremely disturbing picture…I’m trying to keep my dinner in my stomach with gas prices so high!!!!!!! My plan is to get all our troops home, drill in Alaska and aim our nukes at everyone else. No one will mess with us while we greedily horde our own stuff and bask in our own egotism. Then every American will be paid $25,000.00 per month just for being American. Ok…maybe it wont work. I’ll have to look through Speedy’s plan.

  3. Hi Speedcat,

    Yes, the code seems intense and most likely automatically generated by some type of post add-on code which I have not been able to locate. I will let you know when I find it if I do!

    For now, the permanent link of the post is converted so it can be parsed by the social network programs. The link only needs to be converted once and slightly modified for some social networks.

    The slashes and spaces in the link are converted to HEX ASCII code: / = %2F, space = %20 and the only colon (after http) = %3A

    Once the Link and Title is converted, it can be copied to each social network field and slightly modified where needed.

    We, Dr. Philcat and me, noticed your CAT Scan and our preliminary findings indicate hundreds of fur-balls have gone to your head causing extreme cranial expansion! 😉

  4. Hi Pink Sheila,

    With those EEE cups, you could start a Dairy farm and Captain Wendy Lactation could keep the entire White House nourished for the full term! 😉

    Miss MP requested the CAT scan to find a medical diagnosis with the help of Dr. Philcat who has not return from Canada on his undercover mission for Oprah.

    Robert has been enjoying the spoils of the Donut War a little too much, eh? 😉

  5. … and yes, I did work late cat scanning!!!! (LOL)

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