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For Barack’s State of the Union, Obama is in A State of Denial

*For Barack’s State of the Union, Obama is In A State of Denial…

Loading Barry's Reflection
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Magic Mirror on the Wall, who is the Fairest one of all?
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Miss Moneypenny – You probably think this Speech is about you, Don’t You. #SOTU #satire #sgp #tcot #tlot

9:03 PM Jan 27, 2010

The State of the Union is Sponsored by Me, Myself, and I, I, I…

9:21 PM Jan 27, 2010 For Barack’s State of the Union, Obama is In A State of Denial. #SOTU #satire #sgp #tcot

10:28 PM Jan 27, 2010

Obama’s State of the Union… Depressing, Dismal and in steady Decline.

11:14 PM Jan 27, 2010

Theres no place like home,before Obama ,there’s no place like home! Damn its not working

3:12 PM Jan 28, 2010

@ not working: Could it be a bad reflection? ūüėČ

3:20 PM Jan 28, 2010

Barack Shit is included in Obama’s State of Denial.

9:32 PM Jan 28, 2010

Obama fully understands that tax cuts create prosperity and jobs but…

12:25 PM Jan 30, 2010

Am I naughty for exposing Transparent Public Leaders who love to keep secrets and their secret back room deals?

2:41 PM Jan 30, 2010

.. you mean a ‘lack’ of transparency ..

2:52 PM Jan 30, 2010

Seems like Transparency or lack of Transparency depends on which reflection Obama sees. ūüėČ

2:57 PM Jan 30, 2010

BO uses his iMirror ~~> RT : Obama and reality…there is no APP for that!

11:18 PM Feb 14, 2010

Obama’s HealthCare Summit equals Smoke and Mirrors?

11:38 PM Feb 28, 2010

The Secret Records of ‘s Greater Government Transparency

5:39 PM Mar 16, 2010

“How Can I be so Wrong when it feels so Right?” ~

11:13 PM Mar 18, 2010

For Music Monday, Black Magic Woman ~ Santana, 1970

Music Video Background

In 1970, Black Magic Woman became one of Santana’s biggest hits. Black Magic Woman is the perfect Song of Satire and background Music of this post due to the Latin rhythms, Blues rock, and Lyrics.


I got a Black Magic Woman.
I got a Black Magic Woman.
Yes, I got a Black Magic Woman,
She’s got me so blind I can’t see;
But she’s a Black Magic Woman and
she’s trying to make a devil out of me.

Don’t turn your back on me, baby.
Don’t turn your back on me, baby.
Yes, don’t turn your back on me, baby,
Don’t mess around with your tricks;
Don’t turn your back on me, baby,
’cause you might just wake up my magic sticks.

You got your spell on me, baby.
You got your spell on me, baby.
Yes, you got your spell on me, baby,
Turnin’ my heart into stone;
I need you so bad,
Magic Woman I can’t leave you alone.

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