Obama’s Benghazi Scandal

How long does Congress need to investigate the Coverup of the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi?

After 9 months, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa declared that “Hillary Clinton’s not a target,” and “President Obama is not a target” in the Benghazi Probe into the Seven-hour Terrorist Attack.

After 14 months, no Terrorist has been brought to justice for the Benghazi Attack…

Americans Die when the Coward-In-Chief Lies(1)

Loading Benghazi Butcher

Image Source: ©2012 Miss Moneypenny Satire

Obama’s Benghazi Scandal

The Butcher of Benghazi Watched the Attack in Real Time.

Oct 29, 2012: A Defense Official told The Washington Times that General Carter F. Ham made the decision to retire from AFRICOM. General Ham is a key figure in the Benghazi-gate controversy (see Oct 18, 2012 on the timeline). On Oct 18th, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that General David Rodriguez will replace General Ham.

Oct 27, 2012: Retired Army Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer claims Obama, the Butcher of Benghazi, sat in the White House Situation Room and watched the terrorist attack on the Benghazi Consulate unfold in real time and did nothing.

Col. David Hunt and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer claims that military intervention requires an approval from President Obama before the secretary of defense can give the order.

Oct 26, 2012: Libya Lies emerge from the Fog of War as Obama changed his story on the campaign trail in Denver claiming he gave the the directive “the minute I found out what was happening… to make sure we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to do. I guarantee you everybody in the CIA and military knew the number-one priority was making sure our people are safe.”

Yet, Obama denied Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s request to beef up the security at the Consulate before the ‪Benghazi‬ Attack (see Oct 24, 2012 on the timeline for links)

Furthermore, Obama ordered increased security at US diplomatic posts worldwide the Morning after the attack and a 50-member unit Marine FAST (Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team) team was deployed in Libya.

Oct 25, 2012: Strangely, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta claimed that the U.S. military did not intervene when the U.S. Consulate in Libya was under assault because there was no “real-time information” on which to act.

Oct 24, 2012: According to Ed Klein, Obama denied Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s request to beef up the security at the Consulate before the ‪Benghazi‬ Attack.

Oct 18, 2012: In related news, General Carter Ham at AFRICOM was replaced by Gen. David Rodriquez on October 18th. According to the ‘rumor,’ General Ham received the order to stand down and was relieved of his command after making the move to respond.

Oct 16, 2012: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated, “I take responsibility” for what happened to our Consulate in Benghazi on September 11.
Hillary claimed President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are not involved in security decisions.

Oct 12, 2012: White House spokesman Jay Carney stated, “responsibility for the consulate in Libya fell on the State Department, not the White House” during a press conference.

Sep 11, 2012: The three SOS distress calls to help Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods were ignored by Obama.

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Benghazi-Gate – Judge Jeanine Pirro

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(1) Obama’s Benghazi Scandal

At various times between September 11th and 17th, 2012, Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, and others blamed Protestors, who watched the inflammatory “Innocence of Muslims” video, for the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Youssef aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who allegedly filmed “Innocence of Muslims” became the Scapegoat of Obama’s Coverup (Lie).

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Obama LIied About Benghazi Attack

The Truth Behind the Benghazi Smokescreen.

(2) Related Tweets to Obama’s Benghazi Scandal


Miss Moneypenny

denied Clinton’s request 4 more security B4 the 911 Attack

8:37 AM Oct 29, 2012

Miss Moneypenny

In the Fog of War, the #ButcherOfBenghazi Changes his story again http://bit.ly/S7IoNx

12:24 AM Oct 30, 2012

Miss Moneypenny

Not a Single Terrorist Brought to Justice for Attack

6:37 PM Jul 23, 2013

Miss Moneypenny

Admin Trying to ‘Disconnect the Dots’ on  

8:30 PM Nov 6, 2013

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Obama’s Benghazi Scandal is Political Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

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  1. Miss Moneypenny / Of course Your right / BARACK having
    taken more americans to “ZOMBIFICATION” than any other
    USA politician / he is a gifted liar / such is why his backers
    spent a fortune making him president / and they were right
    BARACK proved his value / it a few people in the USA now
    whom hold complete power / they do as they please above
    as beyond the law / they make the laws unto their pleasing.

    Those funding political parties allowed to do as please…..
    the gravest of crime be the genetic terrorism carried out
    by MONSANTO they took sound proven safe plants that
    provided the nations food and through ( GM ) GENETIC
    MODIFICATION / they are producing food which bring
    a multitude of health problems / in main the kidneys be
    not able to deal with the poisonous pesticides that are
    remaining in the plants / which then eaten by people’s
    in main it being the kidneys can’t cope with the poison
    as the poison builds in the body then the more serious
    the health problems people are having / a multitude of
    health problems as whole immune system then failing.

    Tobacco with added addictive chemicals kills millions
    however it being MONSANTO will by far kill far more
    than tobacco killing. / GM food should NOT be eaten.

    It beggers belief that USA govts just gave MONSANTO
    the freedom to do as please / scientists worldwide but
    warned USA Govts as MONSANTO that GM was not
    a wise action / that GM food would bring dire results
    yet usual (USA Govt would not listen or MONSANTO.

    The usa govt need now bring a end to GM production
    as find the safe food that the people need / much of
    the USA the land is too contaminated by GM as but
    destroyed by MONSANTO with their brand fertilizers.

    At present USA govt is investing in land in Australia
    where much of their needs could be guarenteed….
    however presently the majority of Americans eating
    GM foods are unaware of the damage it is causing.

    MONSANTO carried out no long term tests / they
    simply used americans as their guinea pigs…….
    such the power of money it but blinds people
    to the long term results / people go for profit
    with little interest in the long term results…..
    in the case of GM foods / long term results
    are dire /as with tobacco millions ill as die
    only with GM foods it’s many more millions.

  2. Miss Moneypenny / there will always be a guarenteed employment for the
    majority of americans / with a ever growing worldwide appetite for ZOMBIE
    MOVIES / americans are always the first choice by producers directors as
    being already ZOMBIEFIED americans perfect for leading / ZOMBIE parts
    as be the many extra’s that needed americans / need not act / they need
    but be themselves /already being ZOMBIEFIED they play the perfect part.

    ZOMBIFICATION comes from decades of media brainwashing where the
    brain made redundent / thus bringing ZOMBIFICATION (the brain dead).

  3. There is much truth in WAR IS PEACE……because it’s the ultimate in distraction
    it’s the ultimate in diversion … thus the focus on illusion not that of facing reality
    such is great for the politician as their financial backers /however for the people
    it’s a grave betrayal,,,… the original aim of democracy were a few were choosen
    as servants of the people thus protecting rights of people’s to live free from fear.

    Through decades of political corruption rather than protect the rights of people
    politicians removed rights /BARACK stripped people of few the remaining rights
    where people reduced into being mere sheep to fleece / children seen as lamb
    for the slaughter in future conflicts. To kill or to be killed /politicians but became
    more powerful as financial backers richer / owning controlling the media outlets
    the people’s given a ongoing 24/7 daily brainwashing diet of political lies deceit.

    To keep control politicians need to continue with distraction as diversion via a
    media spinning out endless lies deceit further division of the people to weaken
    them /black is turned against white /middle class against the very very poorest
    educated against the uneducated / thus an people divided having no strength
    to deal with corrupt politicians or their ( financial backers >> the few in owning
    most of the nations wealth / whom own the fed reserve bank / whom control the
    fed govt / thus can kiil as remove any seen as a threat to their wealth as power.

    BARACK brought final political betrayal robbing the people of the few remaining
    rights / bringing about a situation / where elections nought but a farce / where a
    vote is worthles / politicians as financial backers / now control as do as pleasing
    beyond as above any law /the police force have become their private army to do
    their bidding / rather than police protecting they now beat & imprison the people.

  4. BARACK is a prize winning politcal fraudster
    his financial backers so in awe at his ability
    to deceive they awarded the NOBEL PRIZE.

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