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Goodnight from James Bond Island

Did Mary Goodnight find the cure for Erectile Dysfunction on James Bond Island?

Loading James Bond Island
Photo Source: John Dalkin
After the 1974 Bond film, “The Man with the Golden Gun,” the island became known as James Bond Island(1)

Miss Moneypenny remembers the Bond Girl who got physical on a slow boat from China…

For a Goodnight, will you be ready with a powerful erection on James Bond Island?

Loading Get Physical, Britt
bilden är från (image is from) Britt Ekland Gallery

Del hora y para el momento que vera, James (2)

Britt Ekland is best known for her role as Mary Goodnight, the Bond girl in the 1974 James Bond movie, “The Man with the Golden Gun” and her marriage to Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers). In 1984, Britt published a beauty and fitness book, and produced a fitness video in 1992.

Did Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau find Goodnight’s Pink Panther hiding undercover in their bedroom during their brief four-year marriage? ;)

For Music Monday, Let’s Get Physical by Olivia Newton-John, 1981

According to the Daily Mail Online, Mary Goodnight is another aging actress to suffer from ‘trout pout’…

Loading Trout Pout
bilden är från (image is from) Ruckas

If only Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau was alive to see her tulips…

When the moments right, will you be ready?


(1) The Solar Energy Collector of Scaramanga’s “Solex Agitator” was located on Ko Tapu, better known as James Bond Island (renamed by the locals and tourists) and Scaramanga’s hideout was located on Ko Khao Phing Kan. The 1974 Bond film, “The Man with the Golden Gun,” turned the unknown Phang Nga Bay into a major tourist attraction.

Both verdant limestone islands are located 47-miles northeast of Phuket, Thailand in the Phang Nga Bay of the Andaman Sea. Ko Tapu (Nail Island) or James Bond Island is 65.6-feet high and lies 656-feet offshore from Ko Khao Phing Kan (hills resting on each other Island) which was Scaramanga’s hideout in the 1974 Bond film.

The Green or Red Arrow points to James Bond Island which is also sometimes called Khao Tapu (Nail Hill).

Ko Khao Phing Kan was also featured in the 1997 Bond film, “Tomorrow Never Dies.” The island can be seen when Agent 007 (Pierce Brosnan) searches for Carver’s stealth ship.

Both islands are protected by the 98,842-acre Ao Phang Nga National Park which was established on April 29, 1981 to protect one of the world’s scenic wonders.

(2) “Del hora y para el momento que vera” translates to “Of the hour and for the moment that he will see” in English.

After tasting Phuyuck 74, a wine produced in Bangkok, Thailand, James Bond says “Del hora y para el momento que vera – To this moment, and the moment yet to come” implying that his Spanish toast equals the English translation.

“To this moment, and the moment yet to come.” is “A este momento, y el momento aún para venir” in Spanish. After the toast, James notes, “ln our profession, l’m afraid, you never can count on that moment to come.”

Miss Moneypenny might ‘See You in September’ by The Happenings, 1966

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