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Marina Orlova in the Boobs of PhiLOLogy

Perky Marina (^)(^) Orlova Busts up the Boobs of PhiLOLogy…

Photo Credit: ©2013 Miss Moneypenny

Too Hot for Words or Marketing her Mammary Memory?

C is for Cleavage as in 34C-26-34 see Note 1

Don’t Pass, Your Gas, in her Class.

Surprisingly, Marina Orlova doesn’t mention that men have enjoyed ogling Bouncing Boobies since 1929 (see Note 2).

For Music Monday,
Call Me Maybe Parody

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(2) The Historical Dictionary of Slang traces the first use of Boobs to 1929 with this usage:
“Studs didn’t usually pay attention to how girls looked, except…to notice their boobs, if they were big enough to bounce.”

Booby or Boobie (1916) was the new spelling of the American slang word, Bubby (Merriam-Webster (1913) meaning breast. The exact origin of Boobs is uncertain yet, Etymologists believe that the slang word, Bubby was likely related to the German word, Bübbi meaning Teat…

“The Ladies here may without Scandal shew Face or white Bübbies, to each ogling Beau.” -Thomas D’Urfey’s 1690 New Poems

The present Titillating Tales of German vernacular…



Breasts Brüste
Boobs Titten
or Nipples
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