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The Lobo LakeShark Challenge

At the Lobo LakeShark Challenge, Killer Lobo LakeSharks are the new Water Hazard threatening Golfers at the 14 tee down under…

Loading Lobo LakeShark
Speedy Golfers down under are advised to beware of the biting satire of the Lobo LakeShark.

No worries mate, Lobo Lakeshark’s bark is much worse than his bite… if the crotch snakes don’t improve your swing then the crocodiles will improve your handicap especially when your lie is at the edge of the lake.

It takes a lot of Balls to play The Lobo Lake Shark Challenge

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(1) This post was inspired by real TV news

Half a dozen man-eating bullsharks were stranded in the lake at the Carbrook Golf Club Course after the flood waters from the Logan River receded in 1996.

According to Scott Wagstaff, Carbrook Golf Club’s general manager, golfers are excited about sending a drive over Jaws. Apparently, Scott feeds the man eaters claiming the sharks “like red meat and a bit of chicken.” Sounds like the man eaters would love the tasty red meat chicken critter who strutted his stuff in this blog post to munch at lunch.

Since the Golf Club’s Hazards are deadly, the man eaters inspired the Club’s monthly “Shark Lake Challenge” tournament.

Carbrook Golf Club Course is located south of Brisbane, Australia

The Golf course lake is located between holes 12 and 15.


Loading The Shark Whisperer

With the help of Nurse Moneypenny, Miss Moneypenny spent hours in the Photoshop Operating Room reconstructing the face of the innocent Tiger cat Shark into the menacing Lobo LakeShark. Tiger Hollydale was chopped from my previous satire, Elin Woods caught the Tiger By The Tail – Cheetah Woods, onto a video still of the news release from footnote 1.

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