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The Probe into Petraeus inside the Fog of War

Did Puppet Petraeus resign due to a extra-marital affair or for refusing to play ball with Obama?

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The Probe into Petraeus inside the Fog of War

According to Mark Knoller of CBS News, the “Senate Intelligence Committee says Petraeus will not testify at next week’s closed hearing on the events in Benghazi.” After the intelligence community was thrown under the bus by Obama, CIA Director Petraeus strongly stated that no order was given to stand down during the assassination of US Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith and two ex-Navy Seals and CIA operatives Glen Doherty and Ty Woods.

Petraeus submitted his resignation to President Obama citing an extra-marital affair as his reason for leaving the post.

Either Petraeus is refusing to cover for Obama or resigning to avoid testifying under oath about ‪Benghazi‬.

Congressional hearings on the Benghazi attack and subsequent cover-up of details by administration officials are scheduled to resume on November 15.

The Petraeus Probe into eMails between David Petraeus and his Biographer Paula Broadwell

Ron Kessler on Petraeus Resignation: There Are Several Cover-ups Going On

Ronald Kessler, Chief Washington Correspondent for Newsmax, reveals the Transparency of Obama’s Coverups…

1. President Obama was not informed of the FBI investigation yet, would the FBI launch an investigation on the CIA Director without telling the president?

2. The second cover-up was the fact that the FBI was told by the White House to hold off on this until after the election.

3. The third coverup was the “misinformation in the press… she was painted as the bad person” yet, David sent Paula more than 1,000 eMails after they broke up. “It started in a very strange way. The FBI came across emails on his military email account in which he referred to doing something under the desk. And there was a misinterpretation that that meant corruption, something under the table. It actually meant sex under the desk.”

For Music Monday, Nobody Does It Worser from the Movie, “The Spy Who Cheated.”

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8:20 PM Nov 10, 2012

FBI: ’ resignation was held off until after the election

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Mrs. Exposition claims that the attack 2 free Militia held by CIA Sgp

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