Barack Obama’s Outer Limits

Before the Thought Police and Super “O”bama censor our Blogs in their Outer Limits…

“We live in a egocentric age where many of us believe we are the sun in our own universe but what happens when these illusions collide with reality?” (1)

Loading Outer Obama Limits

Image Source: ©2008 Miss Moneypenny Satire

There is nothing wrong with your life. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Obama is now controlling the transmission. Obama controls the horizontal, and the vertical. Barack can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity – and beyond. Barack and Biden can shape your vision to anything their imagination can conceive. For the next four years, we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to… Obama’s Outer Limits!

Hopefully, Barack has a better sense of humor than his supporters?

Barack Obama claims our Constitution reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day…

On January 20, 2009, Super ‘O’bama will swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, a Constitution he believes has been and is fundamentally flawed.

Apparently, our fathers, brothers, and these men fought in vain for our natural liberty and our nation…

Quote for American Liberty:

It will be found an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it.

– George Washington

Quote for American Liberty:

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded. Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

– Abraham Lincoln

In closing,
“We can’t expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.” – Nikita Khrushchev who noted America’s transition from liberty to State serfdom requires small doses of indoctrination.

“It is freedom itself that still hangs in the balance, and freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” -Ronald Reagan

Quote for the American current state:

History shows that great nations rise and great nations fall, but the autopsy of history is that all great nations commit suicide.” I believe that America is headed in that direction

-British Historian Arnold Toynbee

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(1) The Opening quote is from the Decompression episode of the Outer Limits about the Presidential Campaign of Senator Wyndom Brody and his Winds of CHANGE “started as a gentle breeze and blew into a hurricane… that will not die down until they lifted this campaign into the Oval Office.”

The episode originally aired on June 30, 2000 and can be watched online HERE.

Image Source: A Miss Moneypenny Photoshop Production using the online Outer Limits Background with my paraphrase of their Opening narration for Comic clarity.

Barack Obama’s Outer Limits is Poitical Satire by Miss Moneypenny aka Debbie Dolphin

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

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Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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