Presidential Election Train Wrecks

Inexperience versus Experience…

The Train Wrecks of Indecision 2008
Loading Train Wrecks of 2008

Image Source: A Miss Moneypenny Photoshop Production and MADs’ caricature of Barack Obama is courtesy of D.C. Comics

Vote SMART Alert:

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac used lobbying budgets and political contributions to keep government regulators off their backs.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Obama was one of the top three receivers…

#1 Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) $165,400
#2 Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) $126,349
and #3 Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) $111,000

Fannie and Freddie were changed by Congressional Democrats and the Clinton White House to increase the availability of mortgages to more people who in the end were unable to afford them.

In 2005, John McCain saw the train wreck coming and led reform efforts to raise lending standards and protect taxpayers and his reform was blocked by Congressional Democrats. Obama did nothing to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Absolutely amazing how Obama insults our intelligence by claiming Bush and McCain are responsible for this financial crisis.

To view the original SNL Bailout Skit that NBC pulled because it embarrassed exposed the Democrats, please Click HERE.

For a comparison, click the Teleprompter President Blog to view the current edited version of the SNL skit.

Speaking of trains, we can be thankful that we are not packed in like Chinese sardines by Obama’s Change Train…

Florida has selected the Next Vice President of the United States…

Apparently, the Jim Gaffigan (Gaffe again) look-alike speaker was drinking one too many of Biden’s Beers at the Democratic White House Victory Party.

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Miss Moneypenny reporting for the Undercover Times

About Miss Moneypenny

Contrarian Comedienne who creates Photoshop Political Satire and comedy.

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  1. Hi Bobby Flip-Flopper (LOL),

    In my humble opinion, on a personal level in our personal growth to gain wisdom, we may all flip-flop over many issues which is a natural course of life. On the other hand, Polticians who flip-flop in the matter of hours or days have only one purpose in mind, to manipulate and win the affection and votes of new sheeple.

    Besides the Global Warming flip-flop, Bob Barr is a Washington Insider which does seem to be good for presidential experience yet, falling victim to Al Gores’ political profiting scam deeply concerns me. From a scientific perspective, Global Warming seems to be the conjecture of junk science. From my experience, Global Warming doesn’t exist in the Northeast by noting our January and February temperatures are below 20 degrees and the wind chill temperatures are below zero for many days in these months. If Global Warming is truly a Global crisis than our winters should be warmer and our our summer should be hotter yet, our Winters have been colder over the past three years and our Summers have stayed about the same. Makes me wonder where the Global Warming crisis exists as we freeze in every winter’s Ice Age!

    For me, voting for men who claim to have leadership experience and say one thing to get elected, flip-flop, and do the complete opposite is clearly a misrepresentation and depending on the issue, flip-flopping could be considered as fraudulent misrepresentation.

    I’m not sure if the political machine will allow a independent voice, like Baldwin or Barr this year, to become a major player in their election process whether the independent candidates lie or not, and acquire the political funds for national Ads.

    After Reagan, I’ve been voting for independent (third party) presidential candidates hoping they would be elected President to see if they would bring real change to Washington. Unfortunately, the media and the political process seem to despise independent voices.

    Seems to me, viral Blogging may be one of the best ways for their independent voices to be heard?

  2. Hi Debbie, to say global warming is a myth or not a myth is pure conjecture, and I have no solid opinion. Barr isn’t exactly a personable guy or a good choice for the libertarian party, but I just want a 3rd party regardless of which one to get enough votes to garner attention. I have no room to talk because I have personally flip-flopped on dozens of issues myself. Last year I opposed abortion and gay marriage; this year, they are irrelevant non-issues. I pretty much oppose all government involvement in people’s lives. All drugs should be decriminalized. last year I thought all drugs should be illegal. So I am Bobby Flip-Flopper…LOL! It’s because my understanding and beliefs have changed and I’m leaning more towards borderline anarchy. Yes, Chuck Baldwin is an borderline anarcho-capitalist and so is Bob Barr.

    I’m not 100% sure who I’ll vote for, Baldwin or Barr. It’ll be whichever my intuition tells me. For either to succeed, they will have to play the political lying game or never stand a chance. Any vote not for Obama or McCain, is a GOOD vote. I oppose the republican party because of the manufactured war on terror which is unnecessary. All democrats and republicans are out of the question for this constitutional borderline anarchist 🙂

  3. Hi Bobby,

    Sounds like Clint still doesn’t like being reasonable! 😉
    Ref. “I tried being reasonable, I didn’t like it.” – Clint Eastwood

    Did you know Bob Barr flip-flopped on Global Warming?

    Global warming is a myth. And yet it’s being used by the environmental folks, by the internationalists. A lot of the pressure is coming from the United Nations and other countries. Some of which, like China, of course, are pushing the Kyoto Protocol. Why? Because they`re exempt. It’s going to saddle us.” – Bob Barr, June 6, 2008

    Ref. Source: Glenn Beck: Honest Questions with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr

    “Former Vice President Al Gore and I have met privately to discuss the issue of global warming, and I was pleased and honored that he invited me to attend the ‘We’ Campaign event. Global warming is a reality as most every organization that has studied the matter has concluded, whether conservative-leaning, liberal oriented or independent.” – Bob Barr, July 17, 2008
    Ref. Source: Statement of Bob Barr After Vice President Al Gore’s ‘We’ Campaign

    Apparently, globalist Al Gore’s communism and junk science is powerful MoJo or did Gore shag Barr??? 😉

    I wonder if Bob Barr and Clint “boil at different degrees?” 😆
    Ref. “We boil at different degrees.” – attributed to Clint Eastwood and Ralph Waldo Emerson

    No Shock, Bob Barr’s Change is “More of the Same” Political B.S. (Barack Sh|+) !

    Maybe, we need to consider moving to a civilized country like Canada or Australia that offers “free” health care? :mrgreen:

    It is Very Bizarre that Medical welfare is a major campaign issue… The current HMO system is a Doctor Welfare system that benefits the Doctors who have no incentive to provide competent medical care. We have witnessed several Doctor’s lack of competent medical care too frequently since the HMO Medical Welfare system was forced upon working Americans.

  4. I changed my mind Debbie, I’m voting for Bob Barr because that’s who Clint Eastwood is voting for…haha! Clint says, “”Libertarian… Everyone leaves everyone else alone.”

  5. Hi Speedcat Hollydale,

    “I Believe” Senator Speedcat Hollydale and Senator Steve Martin would be “two wild and crazy guys” in the White House! 😉

    We would be shocked if NBC (Nothing But Coverups?) airs their skit on TV to help the voters make a informed decision.

  6. SNL video was spot on … that’s why it will never show. Great link, I did not know it existed.

  7. Steve Martin ?? Look above Palin … yep, that’s Steve!

    Steve had an I believe speech. Maybe he should be President. 😉

  8. Hi Meleah,

    And unfortunately, we are paying the price of the derailed economy created by the Train Wrecks in both parties.

  9. I think this is dead on accurate. EVERYONE has fallen off the tracks.

  10. Hi Bobby,

    Can we attach a pooper scooper to each candidates’ mouth with a B.S. Flow meter to monitor how much C.R.A.P. (Cock-and-Bull Ramble of American Politics) flows into our ears???

    I agree with you, a person’s religious belief should never affect his constitutional political positions! According to, Chuck is on the Ballot in most States and he is a Write-In vote in many others. Although his odds may be slim, Chuck Baldwin has my vote.

    @ “Oprama”: Hahahahahaha 😀 The Double Ohh-prama Train Wreck is heading for Hollydale Crossing to derail Senator Speedy! 😉

  11. There’s a train wreck coming, that’s for sure. How about a town hall meeting with both candidates getting polygraph examinations!!!!! That would be a good idea in my opinion.

    Chuck Baldwin is a fundamentalist Christian and will never stand a chance because of it – even though his beliefs have nothing to do with his constitutional politics. That’s the point though isn’t it? Religious beliefs should never be combined with political beliefs and he maintains that position. I’m voting for Baldwin.

    If Obama married Oprah – they would become “Oprama” or simply known as “O”. Hahahahahaha :mrgreen:

  12. Hi Teleprompter President,

    I would be shocked if NBC releases a valid reason for yanking their original SNL Pelosi Democratic Bailout skit.

    Interesting to note that NBC didn’t yank any of the anti-McCain and anti-Palin SNL skits.

  13. NBC should have given a reason when they yanked it rather than explaining it later. – Obama Bloopers & Commentary

  14. Hi Bobby!

    My Photoshop humor is based on this election resulting in a train wreck and my only question is which party will America vote to wreck our nation quicker because most Americans will not investigate the records of the candidates as deeply as we have done.

    Yes, the Vote Smart Alert focus is on Obama because as your link to Glenn Beck(1) implies that Obama can do no wrong, walk on water, and pass the blame to others when he and his party are clearly the key cause for this crisis. I know we agree that Obama’s actions do not excuse “Democratic” McCain’s “Rescue” plan and Bush’s inaction.

    Hopefully, next week there will be a detailed Vote Smart post which will include:

    For a real refreshing change, it would be great to see a candidate like former presidential candidate Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin become President to see if they can restore American values in government.

    (1) No, I didn’t see Glen Beck’s new Obama National Anthem before your comment and yes, I wonder if we will be forced to sing it! 😉

    Road Rage on the Train sounds like a post coming to a Revellian Blog near you! 😆

  15. Have you seen Glen Beck’s new Obama National Anthem?

    Obama is America’s Mussolini.

    While the democrats did oppose the reform and regulation of Fannie and Freddie, the Bush administration didn’t make a big deal of it and should have done daily televised speeches about it, over and over and over until something was done. So, I blame both parties.

    McCain just isn’t a strong conservative. Last night while watching the ridiculous debate, I am convinced McCain is a democrat. Obama is a Marxist. Hahahaha…I am so over this idiotic stupidity.

    That Chinese train is unbelievable. Chinese citizens cannot have guns, so I guess trains can be like that. In America, you’d see some people getting shot in a situation like that. 😯

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